Sunday, January 29, 2012

Etienne Squares

The family October holiday in the woods turned Etienne from his facade d'Internet and towards a quieter place. It is not that he has ceased to paint and draw, but, rather, that he has ceased to talk much about it.

With a little twisting of his arms, and with the encouragement of his cheri, I have persuaded him to allow me to post. I thought I would begin with a few of his recent accomplishments.

These are tres petit, only six American inches square. Perhaps, once you see, you will understand why I begin with these?

Etienne has been forever fascinated with trilobites. He told me he spent hours as a boy splitting rocks in search of these and other animaux antique. My bones hurt considering how the trilobites got in the rocks. So long in there, like genies in bottles. This painting (en acrylique et prismacouleur) was the first.

Then the escargot. It seemed to Etienne that these were all to be animaux petit. The muse had spoken.

Then there was a wren, which Etienne calls "the Ninja." The other birds fear the wren; it is here then there and not between.

Et finalement, Etienne asked me to pose.