Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pastel 142 - Extinction of the White Rhino

Is anyone else confused and angry that the white rhino now only lives in captivity?  This was another unplanned piece, the subject emerging from the depths of the lines on the paper and other depths, as well.  The cut-off horns, overalls, and upright posture ("Four legs good, two legs better!") all speak to the forced domestication and the reason for the extinction.  The smoke speaks of the wrath and the destruction.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Pastel 136 - Owl

This pastel initially emerged with another set of eyes in the lower inside corners of the large eyes.  I found them impossibly distracting and they made the face disturbing in a way I did not intend - so they are "painted" over with the pastels.  This guy is weird enough without four eyes.

This was the first pastel I completed after our October vacation, so nearly 6 weeks ago.  The next is also an animal (two, really - it's called "Cousins").