Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life Drawing - It's Been Too Long

I've had small opportunity to get to the Tuesday life drawing sessions in the last four months.  The result is that I got quite rusty.  Last week I got to go, and this week, as well; the first time I've had two weeks in a row in a long time.  Last week I had not one drawing I would show anyone.  This week I had a few good moments, and caught myself smiling at the beauty of the light on the model, and the classical shape of her tall hips.  The images that follow are two ten minute poses, the first done on gray charcoal paper with dark gray and warm white Nupastel, the second with red Prismacolor.  The last image was a 40 minute pose, and the drawing is about twice the size of the others (about 24 x 30) and combines the red pencil and the pastel.

I found myself feeling that Bouguereau would have enjoyed painting her - I was reminded of the piece below, of a young woman holding love at bay.  It's in Raleigh, at the North Carolina Museum of Art.