Friday, May 18, 2007

7 Random Facts Meme

I won't tag anyone, but I'll do this on the invite of Moomin Light. As I see it these should be quirky things others might never suspect.

1. My hair went rapidly salt and pepper starting when I was 28. Now that I'm 46 I am getting the usual sideburns and temple silvering over the TOP of the salt and pepper, and I like it.

2. When out at night with a flashlight I will always point it at the moon and look to see if the moon is brighter.

3. I used to be able to gently float down whole staircases without jumping or touching the steps, but I forgot how.

4. I carry two full rings of all my keys in my pocket, so I can rescue my own absent minded self.

5. My postage stamp collection has an orange Ben Franklin stamp that once mesmerized me for half an hour because the color slipped inside me and lit me up like a big candescent bulb. Goldfish and nasturtiums sometimes come close to this color and then my heart buzzes with the memory.

6. Though I have had a beard and mustache since I was 19, with only one six week break about 17 years ago, I do not picture myself with facial hair and my reflection sometimes surprises me.

7. In my inmost molecule I know exactly what the perfect painting looks like, and I have set out to paint it hundreds of times, but when I actually begin it always slips out of focus and I can't recall what it looked like.

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