Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Flag for My Dream Country

In a post almost three years ago, I wrote about the wall paintings in the main harbor of the Azores. Joe Taruga (see his Flickr page at the link above) wrote:

"Before sailing away, everyone must draw on the marina wall (Horta - Faial) a flag for a dream country, some sails filled up with the wind of love and doom, a geometrical or sophisticated figure, and write down the name of the yacht or sailing boat that went by, and leave messages and poetic phrases - for this will mitigate the wrath of the sea gods and grant the trip back home."

When I read this the first time, my heart immediately reached out to the idea. It filled all the playful and wistful parts of me. I was delighted that a real place on earth would practice such a poetic and lovely ritual.

I've tried once or twice since then to create my flag, but could never get what I wanted. A few weeks ago I finally got it. The words say:

"Outward hungry,
Homeward filled"

And the name of the boat is "Glee."

This image works well for me because I feel like I travel as I paint. I go without leaving home. And I tried to make this look like the rough, thick look of paint on other paint on stone.

This painting is also number three in a "House" series. The others are Mistletoe House and Caribonsai House.

Acrylic on Arches hot press - 19 x 19. Two completely different failed paintings lie underneath this surface...


linda said...

the house in the painting reminds me of the house in WofOz, being taken upwards, only yours is being taken outwards instead, or perhaps inwards as the sea is always representative of the emotions...i am sorry to hear you are suffering in this way but not surprised as it has seemed for many months you could be nothing but disconnected. i say that simply because of the traveling you seem to be doing all the time. i did not know your homebase was closed , forcing you into this. go to bed, take a sick month, whatever, work is not everything and i'm betting you've earned some...regather for summer's needs, when you can start need to regain your life force before there is nothing left for it to cling to.and parent issues are always a very tough subject, keeping it buried? even tougher... well, that's my jolly advice...sorry, but rather in a mess myself just now.maybe it's going around... take care, steve. ♥

Odd Chick said...

Hi Steve,
i love the nostalgia in this new painting. it's another one that makes me wish was on a wall in front of me and I had time to sit and just ponder.
it seems the low energy, or depression is catching. i just got off the phone with a friend and we agreed that all was ebbing whether than flowing.
it's good that you recognize and take responsibility for your moods and know it will pass. And, yes, it may require more than just recognizing it. this is our very precious life... the question is what will we do with it today?

Lisa said...

I understand that change in routine and how it might affect you. I'm wishing you success with your work at home rituals and routine. It's take me a while to get a hang of it, but it is working and helping me to be more focused and less ....depressed. Oh, that word.

The painting is a joy. I love all that is going on there and what you've done to incorporate the words, too.

susan said...

Ah, it really is lovely, Steve. Joyous, lilting, musical colors and fish too. You have an elegant way with form and color and I love it.

linda said...

steve, glad to see you are feeling was a bit strange to catch myself here already ;) but then i saw the date and remembered this from then it looks different to me as well....clearly a little house sailing with some very happy fishes....or fish?

hope life is catching up to you again.

Pagan Sphinx said...

The Azores! How I would love to visit one of the islands. It is on the list.

This new painting is full of motion and emotion, as so many of your paintings are. I like it very much.

Thanks for your long, thoughtful comments on my recent posts. I read them several times and they give me much to think about.