Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sketching in Graham, NC

A few weeks ago our family and a friend went to a movie at our favorite family-run second-run theater, in Graham, NC (the theater we call "The Graham").

I didn't feel like seeing the movie - I felt like sketching, and getting my dessert somewhere in town. So I sketched this old brick building, because I like the arched windows and the brick ornamentation on top. I sat on the side of the portico of the big granite courthouse that fills the traffic circle at the heart of the village, and drew until my legs went to sleep.

Then I walked into the building I'd been drawing, into the corner business, which is the Graham Soda Shop, where I sketched this group of teenage guys while I had a strawberry shake. The exterior drawing is in a larger spiral bound sketch book, the inside scribble is in my larger moleskine.

Click images for closer views.

I visited one my art professors recently (Marvin Saltzman, a painter mentioned in my art profile, here), and the visit (and a gift he gave me) have inspired me to draw more, and to paint even more to please my muse and no one else... So you may see more drawings, as I try lots more things in my various pads and moleskines, and you may see fewer paintings, as some are for my own internal exploration.


Lisa said...

Don't you have to please yourself and your muse? I mean, otherwise, what is the point?

I am very glad you shared the sketches with us. You have such talent. If only I could make a pen do that on paper.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Love the sketches and look forward to more, Steve.

linda said...

drawing is so important and sometimes, i forget that....and you have such amazing talent with a pencil, far greater than mine...hoping you mine that interior landscape well, i am sure there is much lurking within.. and selfishly, i hope to get a peek at one or two, one way or the other!

susan said...

I think it's a wonderful idea. When I began Adventure's Ink I'd never drawn like that previously for public exposure and it freed me up enormously. Your work is already wonderful but there's nothing more fun than getting surprised by what appears in brief snatches.