Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicago! - Art Trip - Part 2

The finer tipped marker made things better. The guy on the left had a beautiful blue Hawaiian shirt on. Since he was so round, and the shirt was so long, it looked like he had short little legs. Not a dress choice I would have made in his shape... As with all the subjects, I only had a few minutes, and he walked away.

In Atlanta I saw two older gentlemen sitting side by side in blue and white railroad caps. The one on the left had mutton chops, red suspenders, and was in his 70s or 80s, I think. If you click on the image you can read the rest of that story. The guy on the right got up and walked away until boarding time, so I didn't get to finish him. And the other fellow moved in his seat and I had to quit on him, as well.

When I got to Chicago I went straight to the Art Institute, where I soaked up my favorite pieces for about two hours. Then I got light headed, and realized I hadn't had a real lunch, just snacks on the planes. So I left the museum (leaving my bag checked with them) for an early dinner break (about 4:30). I went just across Michigan Avenue to Hot Woks and Cool Sushi, and sat at an outdoor table, looking back towards the museum. After I ordered, I got out my large moleskine and sketched the scene. The wait staff were quiet and moved around me differently. They also smiled more and were sweet with me when they brought my order, more water, the bill, etc. I was grateful and amused. I kept getting the sketch back out to add more pedestrians; the sidewalk was fairly busy. It was great to work when I knew people were noticing, and still be able to tune them out. A good step on the way I wanted to go.

Here's what I ordered - I couldn't eat all of it, but it was delicious. Mandarin Orange chicken with peas, snow peas, peppers, and diced carrot, and a tuna and avocado sushi roll. You can see the scene from my sketch in the background. I love to eat with chopsticks.

Back in the Art Institute until 7:00 or so - I think I visited every portion of it that I had not already, and repeated all of the Impressionist, Post Impressionist, Symbolist, and Expressionist galleries, which are my favorites. I had visited the contemporary European and American sections before my dinner, but the pieces failed to move me this time. I wasn't in the right place. I was itching to get out and skecth more, and try a watercolor with my little Cotman kit. But that's for another post.


susan said...

These are also very nice and I can see what you men about allowing more room for detail. The clothing one the old guy with the mutton chops is very smooth in line and form and his focused expression is well captured.

There are elements of the street scene that have very beautiful movement that I'm sure you'll be able to work into one of you more time consuming paintings. I'll look forward to seeing the long term results of this holiday.

Anonymous said...
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lisahgolden said...

The unposed nature of these drawings is really intriguing to me.

And the fact that you were in Chicago is such a kick for me. Gosh, how I miss that place.