Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunny Spot on a Pebble Beach on the Linville River

The last of the mountain trip sketches... We always spend some time on the Linville River, skimming stones, wading (no matter how cold the water) and playing Pooh Sticks from one of the pair of high bridges. This time, as Dearest waded, and Youngest rock hopped dry footed into the middle of the river, I sketched some of the wildflowers and leaves. Rosettes of primrose leaves, dried stems of grasses, the light violet blooms of New England Asters, and fallen sycamore leaves gave me plenty to observe closely. A small bumble bee even got into the drawing.

As usual, it felt like five minutes to me, but it was actually closer to forty five. drawn in my horizontal book, "Horizon I" with 2H pencil. About 6 x 16 inches. Click for a closer view.


susan said...

It is a really lovely drawing and beautifully rendered for something done so quickly. It's a fascinating thing to me that sometimes it feels as if my hand is seeing rather than my eyes. I get the feeling that often happens for you as well because your field work is very powerful.

I hope you're well and relaxed after all your journeying.

Anonymous said...

great sketch, detailed and almost fragrant! Nice of the bumble bee to pass by :-) Time always flies by, too, when you are so absorbed in creating art.

linda said...

really beautifully done, steve.