Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Figure Drawing from DVD

Drawing the figure from photos is far from optimal because the camera compresses and eliminates so much information, particularly about depth. But for Christmas I received (from Dearest) a DVD of model poses, photographed in series of 24 shots evenly around the pose, and lit well to reveal form and contours. Faces, in particularly, have been my scary spot, so I decided to start there. And I have almost no experience drawing profiles. Hence this first drawing from the poses. More to come. The likeness and rendering satisfied me, but this is SO not relaxed or confident... I have a long way to go.

Pencil lines on copy paper (these are just exercises) - no smudging allowed - 8.5 x 11 inches. Click for larger image.

On a different side of things, I have only some vague idea how to chase my father in painting... I think I have to just dive in and see what happens.


David said...


linda said...

this is far better than i could ever do--i think she's wonderful!

and i was wondering if you would be considering painting your dad...hoping you do just dive right in and start... i would think it 'could' be very healing.

happy new year!!

susan said...

I think this is a fine rendering - her throat and neck are very well visualized and I really like the way you've drawn the flow of her hair. You'll be very good at this kind of portrait once you get a bit more relaxed with the idea.

I do hope the coming year will be a very productive one for you.

Happy New Year, Steve.

izzy said...

Just found this- what a lovely sketch.