Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Drawing - Sept 6 2011

Again, I was able to get into a new drawing space with these. Lighter wash this time - allowing me to build the tones more gradually, which I enjoyed on the longer poses. On the last two of these I got a bit heavy with the marker, and I think it detracts from the figure. All of these begin with wash first, applied quite quickly (30 seconds or less), then the china marker, then back and forth between wash and marker to get the enphasis, shadows, and light. They could all be better in hundreds of ways, but they're getting where I want to go, and that's still exciting.

Another dancer for a model - it makes a difference. These progress from 2 minutes, to 3 minutes, and then to 10, 15 and 20. The pad I was using is a 14 x 17 Strathmore sketch, and you're seeing just about whole sheets in each of these images. Inexpensive, but able to take the punishment of the wet and dry combination. The image with the rocking chair also has some nupastel rubbed in (umber and an intense blue).

Click for larger views. My favorites in this set are the third (sitting up and turned away from the viewer) and the fifth (close up vignette, shoulder to knees).


susan said...

I like the fluid shapes of the lines and forms. You are most definitely getting somewhere with all the practice in life drawing.

Lisa said...

At the risk of being utterly derivative, may I just second what susan said? Not out of laziness, but because she said what I'm feeling and she said it perfectly.

linda said...

these figures are subtly changing in their fluidity, it seems to me.....i like best the second and the second from the all i love how you've taken the feminine curves and shadows and extended them slightly......they are all beautiful in their own ways.