Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pastel 52 - Clouds and Wind over Fields

While drawing today (working on Pastel 60) I found for the umteenth time that what Hundertwasser said was true - nature uses almost no straight lines and almost no right angles.  They disrupt the natural order.  I like the juxtaposition of human angles and planes in a landscape under certain conditions, but more frequently it doesn't work.  The drawing for #60 has one vertical straight line in it, and it is the only thing on the page I find, after considerable time staring at the drawing and trying to engage in a right brain shift, that I want to erase, and that keeps me anchored on the left.

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susan said...

Just a few days ago I saw some recent pictures taken of Hundertwasser Haus now the trees have been allowed to grow for years. It's even more beautiful.

I like these pastel sketches you've been doing. The combination of easy grace and color harmony is lovely.

I too apologize for not visiting much lately. Every week or so I've been managing to post something but not as much and the pictures for the story I have in mind come in fits and starts. The good news is I've been working on illustrations for a different story written 20 years ago by the daughter of a German friend. It's very clever.

I hope you're well. I'm glad as always to see you continuing to develop your fine skills.