Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pastel 98 - Running away from Home

Tonight as I post this I am reflecting on the powerful and emotional day I had.  A friend gathered up the various threads of a project over eight years in the making, spun them together into a wick and today we lit that wick.  There will be more details soon.

And as I pulled the pastel that was the next in line for posting here I discovered it was this one, "Running away from Home."  When I began the pastels I had hoped they would somehow lead me into the walled garden inside my heart.  Several of them seem to come from there, and this is one.  As a teen I ran away twice, but both times returned before causing any alarm.  Both felt like this to me - like plunging headlong to be away and out of sight, but also like dropping into a deeper dark and unknown, like losing the road, like losing my way, and I realized both times that it was a mistake.

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L'Adelaide said...

very powerful drawing. running away from whatever home one runs from is always a difficult time... otherwise why run? i've done it several times in my decades spent running ... i've never painted the feeling of it as this drawing evokes... got my heart pounding with fear...

great work.