Friday, July 17, 2015

Pastel 114

About two weeks ago I posted Dreaming of Dragons (Pastel 109).  This is Nightmare of Cats.  I was surprised to have it show up so soon after the other.

I put Dreaming of Dragons in my office at work this week, along with Pastel 106 (Landscape).

I went to Jerry's Artarama this afternoon on the way home from work and went a little crazy...  I am going to see how this process translates to acrylic on linen paper (in the air conditioning - the pastels are banished to the garage because they are amazingly messy - and when the last hour of the sun is shining full into the garage door it turns my "studio" into a solar cooker).  I'm curious what happens when I handle a brush again after the pastel detour.  None of my acrylic brushes have names (yet).  The watercolor brushes (Abner, Louise, Frondine, Tildie) will never be used with any other paint... acrylic, in particular, would destroy their ability to carry and smoothly release water.

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