Monday, August 6, 2007

Kittywink, Cwab, Tumsel and Linsel

My car (the Kittywink, or the Winkycat, or just Wink) has a pet. I got it for her years ago, in PA.

Cwab used to be bright red with metallic threads, but the years have mellowed him to this slightly pink shade of gray. He has always been this flat, lying behind the back seat, looking through the windshield.

It used to be there were so many green 98 Camrys in parking lots that I would check for Cwab inside before inserting my key. Time has altered that.

As for the Kittywink's name, when I got her, about 9 years ago, she reminded me of the graceful lines of a sea bird at rest on the open water. A kittiwake, I thought. Mentioning this to our kids, daughter got it mixed up in her six year old mind and it came back out "kittywink." It stuck. The other names have grown up around it.

Names have a way of changing, the way our cats started out Tamlin and Santolina, and have ended up Tummy and Lina, when they're not being called other things like, Turkey and Sleeky, Tumsel and Linsel, or Chuffly and Missitymuff.


MLight said...

Or "No, no, bad kitty!"

Of course they ignore that one.

Steve Emery said...

Especially if I give Lina a kiss before I get her off the top of fridge...

Camiseta Personalizada said...
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