Monday, October 29, 2007

Self Portraits - Do I Have To?

In a quiet moment recently (while doing my Morning Pages) I heard pretty loud and clear a call to do self portraits. I was not happy to hear this. I hated that exercise in art school, and I tended to shy away from drawing faces, partly as a result.

Well I broke down and did the first, in my moleskine (using a Staedtler pigment liner, 0.5), and I sort-of got into it by the end. I'm not quite satisfied with the drawing, and you can see how much I loved the experience from my expression.

I'm curious to see how my face evolves as I continue this. Yes, I heard the beatings will continue until morale improves.

To me this is a fair likeness - but to other family members it's not. I don't think we tune into the same things about faces - and when someone draws a face you get the filtered version, only the things they tune into. So, in a way, a drawing of a face reveals how the artist sees that face. I'm not talking about some deliberate artistic license - I mean the artist can do his or her best to capture exactly what she or he sees, and the results will puzzle some people who see different things.


DebD said...

Yes, that is definitely not a happy camper.

Steve Emery said...

I really do need to try again, this time not looking like I was taking my medicine.