Monday, October 1, 2007

Walking with My Sweetheart

Ever since my cholesterol and blood pressure results came out a little high, and the doctor mentioned that a little more exercise per week might lower them without the need for drugs, my sweetheart has been getting me out for a lot of walks...

Actually she had been getting me to walk more even before that. I think it started with my being away so much for business meetings and conferences...

Actually, it started before that, when we found that early Saturday and Sunday walks in our neighborhood were the best thing for catching up with each other, having a long talk, and letting the conversation sometimes extend the exercise, if it wasn't too hot, or there wasn't an aerobics class for her to get to. (Being married to an aerobics instructor means I get individual coaching on stretching out after the walk.)

We have the routine down, now. She walks on the outside, and I walk on the inside (closer to the middle of the road). That way she can look at neighbor's flowers and yards without trying to see over or around me. I have no trouble looking over her, since I'm nearly eleven inches taller. We will walk on the wrong side of the road in the summer, if that's where the shade is.

We often see the same other regular walkers, many pushing strollers, or walking dogs. Neighbors drive by, sometimes wearing a certain kind of smile. We're probably cute - a middle-aged couple, of such different heights, so busy talking and gesturing to each other, and out there so regularly.

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