Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Bubbles

When we visited Maine in September, we split up one day so my wife, our daughter, and our oldest son could all go on a boat tour, visit one of the Cranberry Islands, and possibly see seals. They got their wish (including the seals).

Youngest son (eight) and I had other plans. He had made it clear early in the trip that the one thing he wanted most was to visit Bubble Rock. I put together a hike that took the two of us over both of the Bubbles (in the center of the photo of Jordan Pond above, about a mile off), with a little trek along the shore between them. It was a great hike, nearly three miles, thousands of feet up and down in elevation, including steep jumbled rocky slopes and even a section at the top where we had to use ladder rungs in the side of a cliff. Scary and exhilarating - we loved it.

When we got to Bubble Rock he hugged it, and said he wanted to take it home. Some ladies there on the top near us commented that I certainly needed pictures of him with his favorite rock, and I said I didn't have the camera - it was aboard the boat, since the rest of the family were hoping to see seals, and were going to take pictures of the Cranberries, etc.

So one of the ladies took photos of the two of us and Bubble Rock and got my e-mail address. I got her e-mail on Thanksgiving Day - I had forgotten about them, so they were even more of a gift.

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