Friday, November 2, 2007


I wrote these about ten years ago, and just rediscovered them while doing some autumn cleaning. I don't recall writing them, but the creative process is all there to see, scribbled out, and the notes say my oldest and I sat in my mother-in-law's kitchen in Sept 97 and each wrote haiku. That would have been when we stayed with her between houses, when my oldest was nine, a dark age. I actually do recall a little that I was trying to help cheer him up.

Some of these, I note, are not strict about the number of syllables...

Mantis and
caterpillar on
different thumbs

Walking stick
and half sized girl move
down the beach

Curving beach
hides small girl from view
father running

Hopping sounds
toad's eyes in the dark
reflecting fire

broken mental stride
unknown bloom

(The last is about summer tanagers, and the second line sounds a bit like their staccato agitation call)

chuckle flicker back
red and gold

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