Monday, January 21, 2008

Pin the ___ on the ___

Every time we have a birthday party the child involved has wanted a game of blind-folded "pin the tail on the donkey." But I don't think we've ever done a donkey. We've done tails, but on other creatures (I remember a hippo that our oldest son drew). And in recent years, what we pin has changed, as well.

This year our youngest wanted "pin the wing on the dragon" (click the photo for a larger view). So I spent an evening with a piece of mat board and some watercolor paper scraps. The result was this curly worm, breathing fire back through one of his loops (puts a new twist on smoke rings). Each child had a different wing design. The need for the contestant to do two handed taping worked well, since it made it harder to grope your way to the right spot on the picture.

After play was done, some of the girls wanted to play again, and asked to be spun 60 times! They were pretty funny to watch afterwards, trying to walk a straight line for fifteen feet. Sometimes they got so turned around they were coming right back at us again!

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