Thursday, January 10, 2008

What is Art - Part Six

I think we've got enough background, now, to show and discuss all sorts of unusual art (or is it?).

So let's start with these insect sculptures, involving real insect specimens and clockwork parts.

Here is what Mike Libby has to say about these:

"One day I found a dead intact beetle. I then located an old wristwatch, thinking of how the beetle also operated and looked like a little mechanical device and so decided to combine the two. After some time dissecting the beetle and outfitting it with watch parts and gears, I had a convincing little cybernetic sculpture. I soon made many more with other found insects and have been exploring and developing the theme ever since."

See many more of them, here.

So is it art? It certainly gets reactions. See comments on this post from qarrtsiluni. What do you think?

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