Sunday, March 16, 2008

Richmond Road Trip - Part 3 - Stairs

Oldest son and I love stairwells. He likes to go all the way to the top and look down into the well in the center - the deeper and more vertiginous, the better he likes it. I love the patterns.

Here we have one of the staircases in the Museum of Science in Richmond. I liked the proportions, the ratios, and the lovely silhouettes of stairs and climbers (no one I know).

And here is the view from those stairs, where the beauty of the chairs, and the cool color of them, with the warm shadows around them, struck me.

And then oldest son and I found this four floored stairwell, and had to photograph it several times from below (here) and from above (next photo). Youngest son joined us in racing up and down and looking carefully over the rails.

The color was a feast to me. Such a breathtaking excess of redness. I gorged myself on it as long as I thought my family could wait, then raced to join them in another exhibit.

Finally we there are these lovely brick and concrete stairs on the top of Church Hill, where St. John's stands in the highest spot in Richmond, I think. The views look out over typical Richmond urban residences, and to a distant blue horizon.

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