Sunday, April 6, 2008

Monkey Bars

This was mostly done before the running stopped. It's a bit timid, but I like some things about it. I finished it yesterday mostly to clear the board - I need it for something more daring (for me). Paper's already stretched and drying as I write this.

Sibs, kids, nieces and nephews were climbing on a "jungle gym" (I grew up call it Monkey Bars) during our Christmas family get-together. This is a composite of four photos I took, in order to get the grouping I wanted. I didn't like the bars everywhere - so I left them out. I also took liberties with clothing - no one was really wearing a red skirt, and it wasn't really a tee-shirt kind of day, though that's the feeling I wanted.

The next piece I completed (and will post later this week) is pretty different, for me. And Abstract 16 is going under an acrylic barrage this afternoon, so the blog post will be the only trace left of it under that title. It looked more like underpainting to me, anyway.

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