Monday, February 22, 2010


I'm painting this week, while I'm of work, trying to get back into a deeper place with that - more involved with the creative and visual side of me. Trying to shut up the left brain and let the right brain out more.

This is a small piece I had started weeks ago, and finally finished over the weekend.

Today I started two new paintings, finishing one (that will be another post - maybe) and getting the preliminary drawing done on the second. That's more than I typically get done in a month, lately. The first painting was almost entirely done in one long heat, which felt like about two hours to me but turned out to be more than five hours when I looked at a clock. I was surprised, sore and hungry.

"Hatching" is mostly watercolor (a little Prismacolor and a little acrlyic). 10 x 14.


Lisa said...

The painting is fun! I see all kinds of hidden things there. And how lovely to get lost in something you love to the point where you lose track of time.

linda said...

i love this painting--the color is wonderful and pulls me right into it. that orangey pink is delicious! it's an interesting image-images- and since i am not sure if it's complete or not, i think i will withhold my thoughts to see if you do more on it...right now, i see images and pieces of things i recognize but am not quite sure what i am exactly seeing--perhaps that is your point here.

one thing is very clear --- you LOVE trees, all trees, any type of trees and most especially the trees' branching lines. and always the birds...interesting the difference between a tree ,so solid and earthbound and a bird, so ethereal and like air itself.

as always, lovely.