Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where did this come from? Birds

This painting came along over the last few weeks, stretched out like a conversation that wouldn't ever finish and wouldn't go away, either. I have no idea what all the birds are doing in the bottom of this - nor why there are loose flowers strewn through the middle. I painted this because it would not go away. It wasn't until this evening, when it was nearly done, that it finally set up some static in my head, like most paintings do. Then I owned it, I guess. I like some things about this image, and not others. Paintings are kind-of like people that way.

Watercolor and India ink - 19 x 19.

This image is in the same series (comes from the same place) as:

Coming Home


Roofs and Birds

I like it there, and I hope I can spend time in more parts of it. I've noticed that it's always the last hour of light there.


DebD said...

Well, it's certainly therapeutic for me. When I look outside all I see is a sea of white.

Summer Kinard said...

It reminds me of a tapestry of days of creation. God made the birds out of the air.

susan said...

Well done. I like the misty pre-dawn feel of the piece and the elegant cloud-like trees in the background that draw attention to the center. The disparate collection of delicately colored birds look very natural to the strongly defined lower half. It's formal yet not too much so. All in all a very nice painting just as it is.

linda said...

fascinating painting and brings up some technical questions for me, like how ... ?

I love all the birds, especially the upside down one like our lazuli bunting and the white against the black-in fact, one question! ;)

as always, wonderful candy for the eye.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I had to really look at this. The white bird in the middle - it creates such a wonderful shape and yet I had to really look at it to determine it was a bird and not something else that the smaller birds were perched upon. I like that, though I can't explain why.