Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Studio at ArtsCenter in Carrboro

We went to see a Paperhand Puppet Intervention performance at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, and I took the opportunity to show the studio to Dearest and Youngest, who had not seen it. This is where I do life drawing - drawing the nude figure. The old chair and the easels are the main characters in the space, until people inhabit it.

Ballpoint pen in 5 x 8 moleskine. My usual spot is about ten feet behind the back of the old chair, to the side of the modeling platform you can just see in the lower right edge of this sketch. The dark object made of boards to the left of the chair is another type of easel used in life drawing classrooms - three simple boards and braces, with a small board across the sitting surface, so a drawing board can be propped up in front of a student or artist. I remember using one in art school. I prefer to stand while I draw, and to have the pad up high, so it's on the same level as the model. That makes the drawing movements more free and perspective easier to measure. Actually, the easel immediately behind the chair in this drawing is the one I used last week.

We're just retunred from a short family trip to Charleston, SC and Folly Beach. There will be a few sketches from there - in other posts.


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this drawing. It's always interesting to me to see rooms devoid of people. There's something about the space, the stillness.

susan said...

Nicely done, Steve. Even without the model and the other artists it looks like a place where good work gets done.

Pagan Sphinx said...

I love the way you sketched the chair.