Sunday, March 13, 2011

Orange County Courthouse

Today was a down sort of day - end of vacation, Daughter going back to college after a week at home, still not feeling totally well after my cold... By this afternoon Dearest could tell I needed some time to myself, and probably to sketch. So she suggested downtown Hillsborough, "We live in an historic village - go sketch."

So I did. Tupelo's, a favorite restaurant in the center of town, closed several months ago. It's under construction to become Antonia's - an Italian place - but on Sunday the site was deserted, and so I took advantage of their quiet front step to sit and do this watercolor of the most obvious building in our town - the courthouse. Here is the watercolor - I discovered my newest markers are not waterproof, and I loved what happened when I wet the paper in certain ways.

Here is a photo of the courthouse - so you can see how accurate I was (and wasn't). I drew what I felt - and that differs from reality.

Usually I would be tempted to remove things like the overhead lines and the traffic signals - but they're part of our downtown, of which this is the main intersection. I like them hanging there. Take all the electrical stuff out of the scene and it could be some earlier time, like the 1880's - but it wouldn't be now.

I spent nearly an hour and half on this - it felt like 15 minutes. Nothing reboots my mind as well, except an unusually good night of sleep.


Summer Kinard said...

I like how your version emphasizes the orifices of the building, the windows and chimneys. Your version breathes and invites one to peek inside. Perhaps you have painted the building's impish soul.

susan said...

Your architectural illustrations are getting stronger all the time. It was a good idea to leave the poles and wires in for exactly the reasons you stated.

You have a wise wife :-)

Odd Chick said...

your sketches are so accurate and your lines so sure. i envy the confidence but i know you've earned it with years of practice, not to mention dead-on talent