Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Lovely Morning

I spent a recent Sunday morning drawing and painting. This is how my table looked afterward. The drawing and painting completed that morning and shown here will appear in other posts, later.

Click the image for a closer look. The small watercolor set in the upper right is my field kit, and I deliberately limited myself to it while finishing a sketch I started in Asheville (not shown in this photo). I would have used the field kit there, if I'd had enough time, so I finished it with the field kit in my studio. That little sketch will also show up in a later post.


susan said...

I already owned 2 Pelikan pan sets (the opaque set more than 40 years old) and at least 50 tubes of various Rembrandt and Daniel Smith colors. Nevertheless, I purchased 2 Yarka professional sets this past winter and still couldn't kick start myself into working every day. Sometimes I guess I suffer from color possibility overload.

Your set-up looks very nice. I've promised myself to seriously limit my palette while I work my way back into painting this spring.

Linda said...

ah, now i see why the color in the upper painting... and it's always fun to see other painter's places of work so thanks for sharing make good use of those old jars i see. ;)