Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cotton Exchange - Wilmington NC

This is also from our beach trip, several weeks ago. This is in Wilmington, NC.

I loved the yellow awnings on this old red brick building the minute I saw them from the yogurt place across Front Street (the Fuzzy Peach), which had attracted a crowd because they were giving away their product for one hour that Saturday. So while the rest of the family went in to check out all the shops in the Cotton Exchange's restored interior, I stayed outside under a tree, sat on the curb, and drew this sketch. Ink and colored pencil in my parge moleskine. I don't use color much in my moleskines, but this required it.

A photo of the Cotton Exchange can be found here (scroll down and you'll see it, but with red awnings at that time).


susan said...

The bright yellow works perfectly against the red brick. It's a very nice image and I'm glad you decided to go with the coloring.

linda said...

i adore this building/drawing with it's pink walls and those wonderful yellow awnings. i want those on my HOUSE! :)