Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On our recent beach trip we went to the Fort Fisher Aquarium, and then took the ferry to Southport on our way home. Few of the creatures are still for even a moment - fish often swim continuously - so this spiny lobster was my best subject. I only had a few minutes, though, before the rest of the family would be ready to leave for the ferry and lunch, so this was done in less than 15 minutes. Black Micron pen in large moleskine.

Then I had a similar short span to sketch the top of the ferry. So this was done furiously fast, in a stiff breeze, in a crowd of people and cars. The black guard rails became the focal point, for me, defining the shape of the upper decks.

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susan said...

I really love the way you are able to draw things (things being boats, cars, planes, and architecture) with such attention to the way they really are. I could stand on the bow of that ferry and feel quite safe the rest of it was there.