Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life Drawing July 14th 2011

Tonight we had a lovely young model. Every human form is so different it amazes me. This is one of the privileges of doing this kind of drawing, and one of the treasures each model shares - this view of the variety and beauty of the human body.

I was determined, tonight, not to fall into old habits and draw the way I always do. It was a struggle. Trying to use a brush, ink washes, negaitve space, few lines... I was well outside my comfort zone, and the drawings show that. Most are pretty terrible, though they have moments or parts that taught me something. These are the best two. The smaller one (only 9 x 12), of the model in profile, is done with watercolor crayon and then water with a little blue ink. I dislike the texture - I seldom use cold press paper, and this is why. There are a few good moments in this drawing.

The other drawing here was a shorter pose (15 minutes), done on a larger sheet (18 x 24 - this is a cropping of the right side of a page). I wish the colors here, that almost violet hue on the arm, for instance, and the warm glow of the background, were true to the original, but they are actually improvements made by my camera. Usually these lose something in translation - this one gained. Again, there are some nice moments in this drawing (done almost entirely with a Niji water brush loaded with 1/2 strength Miday Blue Noodler's ink). This is done on Strathmore drawing paper (not really designed for this medium, but it stood up fairly well). I am trying to get away from newsprint. This drawing does a better job capturing the young charm of this model.

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Linda said...

how fortunate to be able to do has been many years now for are improving, to my untrained eye, immensely with each of these offerings...

i know you don't like the texture but in a way, i do like it in this one... it seems to say this is a drawing, an image- as in dust and it's gone forever? well, that's me. the second has some lovely lines tho her buttocks struck me as her knees at first glance! :) shocking!! then i got my perspective screwed on right and saw it your way, well " my " your way...

i love her legs, her right thigh and left foot are exquisite as is her profile and the crook of her neck that you have more inferred than literally drawn-love that. i see it's the 15 minute pose and think you have perfected seeing quickly the important gestures of the body.

beautiful work, steve. i'm glad it's not on newprint-horrid stuff! :)