Saturday, July 16, 2011

Playing with My Food - Part 2

Today, at the Eno River Farmer's Market, Two Chicks Farm had an unusual potato that they had kept with me in mind... because of the food play with the tomato we bought from them, last time (which ended up in a collaboration on That's Why, as well). They said the potato had a head, too - but that broke off before they could get it to me. They figured I still might be able to make something of it. This first photo is what happened.

And while the larger goldfish ended up in the potato salad (orange watercolor rinsed off, of course), the goggle eyed gold fish is still on my workbech, on top of my "Taschen 25" collection. (The large black fellow in this photo is Ox, by the way - my Ugly Doll).

Meanwhile the onion (which had been a jelly fish) went on to play a role in a quick still life sketch I've wanted to do for a while with onions and peppers (including the cute pepper Dearest had picked out recently - also at Two Chicks' booth). So here are some shots of the slightly more serious food play this afternoon. Every vegetable in this photo is from Two Chicks, actually.

The resulting watercolor and ink painting/drawing is a little larger than 10 x 14. I took some advice I read recently and mixed pthalo green and quinacridone magenta for the shadows. I like the result.

In the additional photos you see my drawing in preparation for ink and watercolor (above), then the resulting painting, and finally my work space with the vegetables, finished painting, and my pallette. The blue brush on the Clausen jar, the one used for this paining, is Louise. The ink was applied using a nib that's over half a century old now, passed on to me from my grandfather's art supplies. It was one of his favorites, and it's my favorite. I like feeling these connections.

I end (as I began) with some closer photos of the potato goldfish and jellyfish. Click on any image to see a larger view.


Linda said...

what you paint, the way you paint it, is such a delight. it simply makes me grin and what better reason to make art than to spread joy? anyway, wanted you to know these tickled me.thanks for sharing and your still life is gorgeous.

Lisa said...

What fun! I love the different mediums.

Two Chicks Farm said...

Such talent and imagination. I am so glad our vegetables can be an inspiration for you and then are good to eat.

TheCunningRunt said...

I'm with you on the shadows - they're a lovely shade of convincing!

I used to take photos of my compost in the summer because I so love the colors of vegetables just out of the garden, and red onions always ruled that scene. :)

susan said...

Playing with your food is a wonderful idea especially when you get results as sweet and delicious looking as these. I really like the painting.