Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Etienne at Last Goes to Life Drawing Again

Oui, Etienne has been away from home every Tuesday since who knows when. Today he was home and could go, so he went. Et voila, instead of something he wishes to destroy before anyone can see (which is what he expected after so long an absence), there are some drawings that (as Etienne says), "bear a second look." These are the last three in the pad, and took 25 minutes each. Etienne reports that the model, with the nom charmant of Angel, lost all feeling in her left hand during this pose, but she bravely endured à la fin. Earlier drawings in his pad (oui, I "peeked") show poses tres jolie and tres active - Angel is a dancer and it is obvious from her posture and the way she lives to her toes and fingers.

Moi, what would I do with fingers and toes gracieux? Learn to fly, perhaps?

These last poses are more relaxed, because they are longer.

Etienne said he struggled valiantly with the watercolors in the beginning, but then surrendered to tempation and embraced a pencil. Rouge seemed to suit the coquette of one of Angel's poses (non, he is not pleased enough with that sketch - quel dommage), and he remained with rouge for the rest of the evening.

This last drawing is about the hands and shoulders, non? (Shoulders en Grenouille? Pas vraiment.)


susan said...

I well remember losing feeling in one part or another. Nowadays that can happen while lying in bed. Quel dommage, absolutement!

Please tell Etienne his life drawings grow plus tres belle with each sitting he attends. Sometimes it's good to be away a little while.

linda said...

hi steve,[and little frog whose name i can never remember how to spell...so sorry dapper froggy-i saw your relative today, a baby king snake whose tail tip, alas, was caught in the tractor's scoop and off with it! as i said...alas..but he was fine and so little, a baby one and exciting to think maybe....] and now do i need to learn french????
maybe i could make a little extra money baring all? hmmm, tho i be old and bony... kidding-definitely- aside, you know, i think-not that it matters but...these are better than what you were doing before. you seem less intent on every detail and they come out almost geometric but soft and sensual. i love the abdomen and the breasts..very lovely and of course the color. did that make sense? nice to see you...miss your comments once in awhile but again, alas...

Gina said...

Good to see a post from Etienne and regards to you, Grenouille! My French is rusted shut, so I won't bother with that. :-)

What I will say is how impressed I am with these figure drawings. I especially love the one in which the parts of the chair are included. I can't imagine sitting in a hard wooden chair for that long with no clothes on but I very much appreciate the results. Please let Etienne know I came by.

Lisa Golden said...

How wonderful that Etienne was home to attend a life drawing class! It's been too long.

I especially like the red pencil for these poses.