Saturday, February 4, 2012

Notre Petit Ménage d'Inspiration

Oui, c'est moi, Grenouille, and other sources of inspiration. Two compagnons joined us during Noël. Le coq verre vert which Etienne calls a "glass rooster" (he does not yet possess a name) and a trilobite noir (à ma gauche). The trilobite is l'homme antique in our ménage, reportedly 500 million years old. I must admit he does appear older than Etienne. Give the photo un clic and see for yourself.

The acorns are from two different trees (mais oui). The petit specimens are from gluercus coccinea (Etienne uses the tres petit word "oak") which dropped them near la maison de belle-mere. The grand specimens are from an "oak" in Asheville, a "burr oak" says Etienne.

The chunk of rock, rouge et creme, Etienne insists was once a piece of wood. It is hard to credit this, but perhaps it is like the trilobite, non? A fossilisation, oui?

Tout notre petit monde is on top of a carousel which Etienne uses to turn his monitor either to his tall stool, or to his drawing, where he stands.

Et voici "in context," as Etienne says. Note his great fondness for pencils which have not yet any point. It is another "dragon hoard" along with the unopened music CDs under our table. And pointless pencils are far more charming than pointless quarrels. Perhaps someone should inform the politicards belligérantes?

Voila, it is time for Etienne to draw some sheep à nouveau et encore et encore... But these are French sheep, so perhaps he will endure it.


susan said...

Grenouille, vous êtes très charmante. It's a delight that Etienne has asked you to be his internet intercessor. Your new companions show his (and your) wonderful taste in house-guests.

Politics has become such an obvious circus it's probably best to enjoy life and ignore it.

Grenouille said...

Susan, merci, et vous aussi.

Politics must be un cirque with the parties parading as ass and éléphant, non?

linda said...

ah little froggie, do you mind i cut and paste this name? and french sheep? ... is thinking of again...i was just thinking of pink sheep today! i cannot remember how to spell .... either.

tell .... his gatherings are much like mine, things dropped on the trail as i walk mostly....and many acorns come and gone. and wood and rocks but none fossils yet. ;)