Saturday, June 23, 2012

Playing with Food - Encore et Encore...

Oui, oui, it is summer.  The flies are fat and delicieux.  The other grenouilles of Caroline screeeee et pop et crique in the dusk.  It is a busy time.  Etienne once again has received vegetables for play and food from the farm of Deux Poussins.  These mesdames agricoles save fruits and vegetables with bizarre shapes for Etienne, and he images them as something else.

Last week they gave him a pomme de terre - a potato (a word très drôle, and which the wide mouth refuses to pronounce as Etienne does, to his amusement).  It was a potato très drôle, aussi.  But Etienne had to fly away before he could dream over it.  (He says he flies in an "air bus" but I will sooner see Etienne sprouting wings like a dragonfly, et voila, buzzing away in the dawn.  Flying is for insects, birds, bats, et la repartie.)  "Anyway," as les enfants say in the cul de sac, no painting, no play.  Last week Etienne was the "dull boy" in the story about Jacques and all work.

This week there was a tomato (encore, the wide mouth must stretch and make kissy O's to say this in the way américain).  Potato - tomato.  Bien.  The one imaged the other. 

Once home, Etienne set the tomato on it's ear (or head or derrière - I do not understand the anatomie of fruit), and voila, it was something else and the pomme de terre was transformed.  Chat et chien.

So Etienne made both dreams.  First les animaux (le chien will regret pushing the nose into the kingdom du chat), then the kiss ancient, which he pictured in a flash at the market when the tomato was first presented.  Clicque on the images for the better view.

The final image is a peek of La Royaume Pacifique, the "Peaceable Kingdom" on the bureau of Etienne.  Oui, I lived in that place for years when, tout à coup, I was whisked to the artiste colony of the kingdom where I live now with trilobite, baleine, large acorns of "burr-oak," and le poulet de verre vert.

Et voila, il est à la fin.  Au revoir,



Odd Chick said...

OMG these are adorable and I giggled all the way through! Thanks for the chuckle! Your creativity knows no bounds.

Karen A said...

Love the old folks. I see quite a few characters I recognize in that eccentric gathering in the last photo.