Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playing with My Food - 2012 Number 1

Two Chicks Farm has a regular spot in our local farmer's market, and a regular spot in our Saturday schedule, as we pick up greens, peppers, potatoes, carrots, chard, etc. The two chicks have been passing me the occasional unusual vegetable to inspire posts called "Playing with my Food."  The first one for the 2012 growing season was what I called a Siamese Cucumber.  I thought of several things as I pondered the unusual shape of the double cuke.

I decided to make a maquette, a paper puppet.  This is actually my second (the first will be the subject of a post when it's fully assembled)- inspired by a post by Clive Hicks-Jenkins, who created a five part blog post series showcasing entries by various "maquetteers."

So here is my green clawed crab - modeled on the ghost crabs which frequent our NC beaches.  It's about a foot wide, in this view - watercolor and light fast Prismacolor markers on scraps of Arches hot press paper.

Below is an "exploded" view of the maquette.  If actually assembled, there would be paper fasteners at all the joints, so the crab could be moved like a paper puppet.

Thanks to the ladies for the interesting produce.  After playing comes eating...

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susan said...

I only recently heard about maquettes when a printmaker of my acquaintance posted some. I like this one very much and the mutant cuke makes it even more interesting.

Phoenix Berries said...

Soooo cool! You took this one to a whole new level. Here's hoping for a summer filled with weird veg.