Friday, November 21, 2014

Pastel 61 - Frogs

These guys mostly emerged naturally.  The tadpole was not in the ball point ink - that came out of my head, based on the adults.  I've been fascinated with frogs since I was five or six years old.  I caught and released hundreds of them, as a child.  We built a hole series of pools for them in a drainage ditch near the house in NY where I grew up.

Pastel, ball point and Sharpie on 18 x 24 inch kraft paper.  Click image for a closer look.

I've been in Michigan 4 of the last 9 days - it puts a gap in my play/work on these...

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susan said...

This is a very joyous and entertaining crew, Steve. I always liked frogs when I was a kid too - the ones we caught always escaped and I was just as glad.