Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving - Posting Pastel 69 out of Order - Dog Play

Thanksgiving Day - and one of the things I am thankful for is our neighbors.  Several of the families on our cul de sac include dogs.  Sadly, several of us in this house are allergic to dogs.  This pastel was inspired by the neighborhood dog play that happens across several of our yards, and the neighbors who are careful to keep that play and the dogs well mannered even when loose.  Like most things on our sac, we get along and have a great outdoor community, for dogs, kids and adults all.

Pastel 69 - Dog Play

Dedicated to the dogs of our street, with a special call out in memory of Riley, who we lost this year long before his time.  He was a big puppy every day of his life, and a daily reminder to play every moment we can.  Thanks, Riley!  And thanks to all you great neighbors (including the ones with cats instead of dogs!)

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L'Adelaide said...

a lovely tribute to my favorite members of the family. ;)