Monday, November 2, 2015

Pastel 128 - "MY Sheep"

It's been over a month since I posted - a measure of how crazy our lives have been in October.  The first two weeks, however, were a vacation in the mountain, unplugged from electronic distractions.  We soak up autumn in multiple hikes/walks per day, and I try to kick my art to a new spot.  I got somewhere different this year, so that I can suddenly use the spontaneity of the Pastels for subjects I intend to paint.  I can now chose accident or intent.

This first one from the vacation was actually penned prior to the trip - the corgi simply showed up (his face was there exactly as shown here) and the rest was vaguely hinted.  I love black faced sheep, which I have only seen once or twice in real life, but fairly often in my drawings.  Of course, for me, they end up blue faced sheep...

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