Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pastel 133 - Mt Desert Island, Acadia, Maine

This was quite intentional, though placement of things was left to my hand to figure out on it's own (I watched and stayed out of the way).  What I recall most, from wading in the low tide off Acadia National Park, is the water breaking low between the rocks, the green bladdered sea weeds, the dungeness crabs, the distant sky, and the white dog winkles lying between so many beautifully polished stones.  While nothing in this pastel is from photos or exactly correct for colors or shapes, it captures my feeling and memory of the place.

And there is an echo of Gauguin in that breaker in the center, but I find that my memory of his wave is not actually in any of his paintings that I can find online.  Something else transformed by it's trip through my heart.

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