Saturday, February 17, 2007

Abstract 15

Abstract 15 is complete (I just need to sign it). This one went through several phases, most of them boring. It leaned against my work table for a long time, with a blank look on its face - a pale face with no eyebrows or eyelashes. At one point I thought it would never resolve itself into anything interesting enough, and I was preparing to just pull it off the board and start another. That's when I let go and had more fun. Most of the color in the lower half was the result.

While I love the subtle colors and grays at the beach, part of me is hunting for more colors. My sweet tooth. I'm imagining the tropics - yet even photos of the beaches in the south seas seem disappointingly short of the full spectrum. I want more than blue and gold. So this painting didn't surprise me, especially this time of year.

It is sub-titled "The Starfish."

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