Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moleskine One

I bought a moleskine a while ago, based on all the buzz. Famous authors, artists, bloggers, daily sketchers, I lived over 40 years without ever hearing about these magical little books, but now they're everywhere.

So in Ashland, KY (see January posts) in the early morning, with snow falling outside my hotel room window, I was struck by the arrangement of my keys, comb, and pen on the desk. I wish I hadn't cartooned the left portion of the comb, but I'm pleased with this sketch. I have not been one who doodled or sketched all the time, but this could be habit forming.

A few weeks later the cats and sun posed. Actually the male (Tamlin, on the right) moved midway through drawing him, so his pose combines several moments. And he left completely before I could finish. I really like to draw them, and I'm mesmerized by their movements, particularly Tamlin's - the muscles and bones moving beneath his ginger striped fur. So alive and languid, like an athlete after a massage and a hot soak.

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