Friday, March 2, 2007

Flickr Habit - Some Wonderful Sites

I love to rove Flickr - you can find wonders. Here are three of my favorites.

*antigone* is a veteran journaller and moleskine user, and shares it here:
*antigone*'s photo stream. Her hand created and continuously morphing books, and the fascinating experiments with drawing and painting technique make me want to get wild in my own moleskine and bind my own journals. I'll be coming back to look at her work. Her "self portrait every day" series (her favorite of which is her avatar, pictured here) shows what someone can accomplish with attention and an exploring attitude.

Joey Harrison has assembled a series of his mother's photos, called Mom's World and his mom has written commentaries (her Flickr name is Chalet). In addition to the incredible images, created without the benefit of photoshop, and with simple equipment in the black and white film era, her writing sweeps you back to another time. I have been enthralled with this series. I have some favorites - I'll let you pick your own. Joey's photos are wonderful, too.

Finally, there are the wonderful photos from GoodMolecules' Kite Cam. I've looked at these many times, as well, and really enjoy the compositions, the curves of the planet, and the stories that seem to unfold beneath the kite.

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