Friday, March 9, 2007

Moleskine in Williamsburg

I only did two other sketches while in Willamsburg. This was intense family time, and I only had two moments really alone. One was in the hotel room late, when everyone else was in bed but my oldest son and I. I never looked this closely before at the pattern on his sweater, or the folds of his jacket.

The other moment alone was when the rest of the family went to participate in some homeschooling craft and educational stations set up in a house near the Capitol shuttle stop. I'm claustrophobic and impatient in that type of setting, so we agreed to meet a half an hour later.

I was struck again by the beauty of the Capitol building, and, since I'm discovering that you really know a thing better after you draw it, I sat out in the less than 40 degree weather, on a bench by the shuttle stop, and drew this scene. That's how I actually noticed that the capitol is not symmetrical - the connecting section, which tied the court room to the legislative side, is not centered, and so neither is the cupola on top when viewed from this side.

Next posts will be more Virginia and a Texas trip (business) that I took the very next day (just got back this evening). Lots to write about, and lots of pictures.

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