Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dance and Daughter

Dance camp for a week in July at Barriskill Dance Theater School - they prepared and performed several numbers from Cats. The owner, Michael Barriskill, played Magical Mr. Mistoffelees on Broadway, and a friend of his came down from Virginia, where he has played Old Deutoronomy. They each had a significant number, and so the show, free for the parents, amounted to getting a private performance by pros. As you can see, they also did make-up, and costumes (tails, at least), and they sang as well as danced. It was well done; the kids had all worked hard, and had a lot of fun.

This is a special place, with amazing atmosphere, and inclusive of everyone. It's a marvel how much they can create and do in just one week at these camps, with an energetic group of eight to ten year olds and a handful of teenagers.

With my Dad in the hospital still, in the middle of a series of surgeries to stop cancer, recalling this kind of moment, before we knew, seems sweet.

Thanks to anyone praying for our family.

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