Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maine - Part 2

More photos from our trip to Mount Desert Island, Maine. Last year the island seemed huge and confusing to drive around. This year it felt just the right size, it all made perfect sense, and we stayed on the quiet side, which made it more relaxed.

My favorite places were the Bass Harbor Light and the rocky shore to the east of it (shown in Maine - Part 1), the tide pools and rocky beach on the Wonderland Trail, Sea Wall (which might be my favorite of these favorites) and the shore of Jordan Pond at the extreme other end from the visitor's center (there is a neat bridge there over the marshy stream that feeds the pond - see a picture on Flickr, here).

The photos here are:
1. Bass Harbor Light
2. Wonderland tide pools
3. Ship sailing up Sommes Sound, which nearly splits the island in two - we saw this from the rocky shore of Valley Cove
4. Last light on top of Cadillac Mountain (the first place in the US to be touched by the rising sun)

Will we go back? I hope so - but four days of driving, especially through the Midatlantic states, is a bit like torture.

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