Monday, March 3, 2008

Mistletoe House

Latest in what may become a series of paintings involving trees (like Autumn, which features a Bradford pear). While no tree was the model for this, I sense that this is a red maple.

The painting is called Mistletoe House. Like almost all my square watercolors, it's 19 inches on a side (the largest image I can get on a stretched piece of stock Arches 140 pound hot press). I was trying for a feeling of spring - the wind, the hint of green in the tree limbs, without any actual leaves yet, the softer light, etc.

Click the image for a larger version.


KerrdeLune said...

Magnificent and so evocative of springtime!!! I could feel the wind and hear the leaves blowing about. The piece made me feel like dancing (although the greening season is still a long way off here in the north).

Some_myrrh said...

This painting is just beautiful! It's like Jesus' words on the Kingdom of God like a tree. I've scarcely ever seen such a happy sight in paint.

Steve Emery said...

Dear ladies, thank you both so much for the kind words. I'm still answering that question from school, "What do you want to paint." This was something that came from fairly far inside, and it felt wonderful to see it emerge on the paper. I am not as connected with my depths and images as both of you seem to be, judging from the images that keep showing up in the posts on your blogs.