Thursday, April 23, 2009

Neno's Award

Liberality gave me this award. It came without rules! Hooray! But it does seem to require you to express why you blog, and it is about blogging for friendship.

And that hits one reason right on the head. Actually that's not why I started blogging, but it is why I continue. All of you.

The other is that I find this a ready and congenial audience for my art. Like Susan (of Phantsythat) or Linda (of Vulture Peak Muse) I feel right now that this is all the audience I need for my painting. I'm painting for me - but I can't JUST do this in a vacuum - it would seem silly. And your comments do encourage, instruct, and guide.

Many thanks to Liberality and to all of you.


susan said...

I've read a number of your comments on other friends blogs as well as on my own and find that you epitomize a favorite quote by Philo that has stayed in my heart for many years:

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

You deserve every beautiful and loving award you receive. I arrived first to look at your artwork which is excellent but I returned to hear your voice.

Genie Sea said...

A well deserved award! Congratulations! I am happy the blogosphere has afforded me the opportunity to meet you and your emotive art and words! :)

Lisa said...

It is much deserved and blogging is just that much more rewarding because of the people I've gotten to know, including you, Steve.

linda said...

steve, you are one of the reasons i continue to blog and post my art, you deserve every award you ever receive....if it were not for you, i would never be so brave as to bare my soul which lies within each painting, as do you...without your encouragement and your example, i would be lost as to how to even do this thing i now other words, it was you that made me strong enough to allow others to see the me in my work and realize an audience is not something to fear but to love.

*big hug*

Steve Emery said...

Susan - Wow, what an incredible thing to say. Thanks very much. I do feel other people's burdens (real or imagined by me). I'm glad you visit.

Genie - Thanks so much! I need to come visit you. I haven't had enough of me to get around to everyone every day...

Lisa - Thanks! And so likewise!

Linda - I have this feeling that you and I have done a lot to push each other, to egg each other one, to encourage each other. I know I've learned so much from you and your art.