Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life Drawing June 16th

Today's model was a long, lean, older male with nice muscles and even nicer bones. The poses did little for me, though, until we got the first long one (25 minutes) and I requested a pose from the back. I had realized that he never turned his back to us - and (as I explained to him) I find the back difficult and would love a chance to try drawing his. He said he didn't care for his back, and that was why he didn't usually use it in poses.

Au contraire, I think he has a long, elegant back, and his muscles and bones were even better there than in frontal views. I did the best drawing of my evening. Fascinating vertebrae and hip shadows. Click on the image for a much larger view.

The other two drawings here were 10 minute poses. All drawings were done with pencil in large sketch and drawing pads. I sat down for the first time ever during life drawing. I think I will go back to standing next week.


L'Adelaide said...

hi steve, i agree about his back-love all those bones ... i don't know what it is about bones but i have the same feeling about them and actually looked for a human spinal column thinking that was a normal google! haha...maybe from china and lots of regret and money to boot! anyway, all your sketching here is great but the lobster is creapy, meaning he looks like one!

susan said...

I wonder why it is that young men never seem to pose for artists? Perhaps I'm wrong but they never used to.

Your drawing of his back really is very nice.