Friday, July 18, 2014

Sun and Moon

I've begun doing more drawing and painting without intention.  I just let my hands go.  I have to work hard to keep myself from intervening.  In a way the results are a surprise to me, and I can't usually explain what they are.  Sometimes they are just a mess.  Sometimes they seem to mean things to me, but I can't tell what.

This one stirs up feelings about sun and moon, and both appear in the drawing (hot orange sun on the left, blue moon on the right).

Often I try to do a simpler 10 minute exercise like this in a bound journal just before sleep.  I've been using Louise Fili's Perfetto pencils for those last moments of my day, switching back and forth between the graphite and the red ends as my hand and heart direct.  I just watch.  Often the results are too personal to share here...

I highly recommend both the pencils AND Louise Fili's book Elegantissima.  Both are deeply satisfying because everything about them is so beautifully designed and executed.

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