Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ollie's Bakery

From older blog 12/10/2006. Can bread be art? We found a place this weekend that I feel raises the whole process of baking, and the place it's done, to the level of art. This place has a clarity of purpose and a consistency of craft combined with a sense of identity that many artists might envy.

And the bread is terrific. We went there for lunch when our previous plans fell through (we found out Cafe Piaf is no longer at the Stevens Center). What a pleasant surprise! Another "real place" to add to our list.

We ate there in the tiny French feeling space before the counter, and left after buying still more loaves and desserts. The Pain au Chocolat is some of the best we've had anywhere. And the brioche...

Ollie's Bakery in Winston-Salem, NC (300 S Marshall St, just south-southwest of down town) is named in memory of a small wise dog. There is a fund in his name, as well, that helps people pay for the care of sick or injured animals. Somehow the love of a dog is also perfect for a French bakery - the French might be dogs' most ardent fans.

We visited Ollie's on our way to see the Nutcracker at the Stevens Center. That's another story you can read about at Moomin Light.

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